Consultant: Murray Brown

With over 30 years professional involvement in working with young adults, Murray Brown is well equipped to understand the generational changes that have been taking place in recent years and in particular the characteristics of Generations Y and Z. He has lectured on “Youth Culture” and “Adolescence” in New Zealand, Australia and Asia and has written training manuals and books on the topics. He has worked closely with Gen Y and Z and understands their characteristics as well as the cultural factors that have impacted them and made them different from any previous generation. He also understands what motivates them and has more recently applied this understanding to the employment world, helping businesses discover how best to capitalise on the attributes of this generation while at the same time helping young people develop the skills and insights necessary to excel in their place of  employment.


Y Consulting operates out of the following convictions:

  • While developmental issues affect Generation Y and Z it is too simplistic to say they are simply “passing through a phase”. They are growing up in a significantly different world from previous generations and as such display different characteristics.
  • In relation to previous generations, many of these characteristics are very positive and make them wonderful employees, while others characteristics are less positive.
  • Generation Y are not going to go away. The task of any business that wants to be successful in a Gen Y and Z world is to capitalise on the strengths these young people bring while at the same time shaping them to further grow in their effectiveness as employees.



“Murray has developed an amazing approach to engaging the Y Generation in the workplace. He is, in my opinion, the foremost authority on the subject.” – Mike Clark, ThinkRight (www.thinkright.co.nz)

“Any organisation that is not heavily investing in the faith, leadership and mission of its young people must not believe they have a future. There are so few excellent and effective resources that can help us into the emerging future. Some of the very best resources available are those produced by Murray Brown who has a track record of outstanding discipleship development amongst young people.” – Fuzz Kitto,  Director / Consultant – Mission and Youth Ministry, Spirited Consulting , Australia (www.spirited.com.au)

“Murray, has produced some of the best youth resources on the planet. It is a thrill to find materials which are solid and incredibly relevant. If Murray was doing some training anywhere within coo-ee of my own organisation, I would want to get my whole leadership team along.” – Tim Hawkins, international speaker and consultant (www.hawkinsministry.com)

“The most popular courses at the Bay of Plenty Centre are those taught by Murray Brown. Murray’s interactive teaching methods combined with his well researched and high quality course manuals are appreciated by all our students. His extensive knowledge and experience are highly respected. From Youth Leadership to Youth Culture, Murray is well prepared to deliver the training that youth workers require.”  – Stephen Hewlett BA BD MA (Hons) Laidlaw College, BOP Centre Dean