The third of our three primary tasks at Y Consulting is coaching, through which we consult with you and your staff personally to help you implement the theory we espouse in such a way that fits the specific characteristics and employment requirements of your organisation. While you set the agenda for any coaching, possible areas we may offer guidance in are:

  • Identifying the characteristics of your Generation Y & Z employees, both positive and not so positive
  • Helping you understand why Generation Y & Z employees are the way they are and why they act the way they do in the workplace.
  • Strategies for recruiting the best Generation Y & Z employees.
  • Strategies for retaining your best Generation Y & Z employees.
  • Strategies for managing and leading Generation Y & Z, avoiding common pitfalls.
  • Strategies for motivating Generation Y & Z to work harder and more enthusiastically.

Contact Y Consulting and we can sit down for a free one hour consultation during which we can talk about the issues you face and begin exploring how to proceed.


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