The second of our three primary tasks at Y Consulting is training, through which provide you with insights and practical strategies to help your business and organisation become more successful in its dealings with Generation Y & Z.
Our primary training vehicle is our course “Gen Y & Z in the Workplace”which covers the following topics:


  1. Understanding Generation Y & Z: “Are they really that different?”Learning outcome: You will be able to explain their behavioural characteristics in the light of seven key cultural factors that make Generation Y & Z unique.
  2. Working with Generation Y & Z: “Why can’t they just be normal like us?”Learning outcome: You will be able to explain the reasons why Generation Y & Z employees act the way they do in relation to their work.
  3. Recruiting Generation Y & Z: “OK, so some of them are pretty awesome!” Learning outcome: You will see how Generation Y & Z approach the recruitment process and how you can use this awareness to recruit and induct the best available talent.
  4. Retaining Generation Y & Z: “What do you mean you’re not enjoying yourself?” Learning outcome: You will learn what sort of work environment is necessary for Generation Y & Z to blossom and give their best.
  5. Managing Generation Y & Z: “Helping a leopard change its spots.” Learning outcome: You will learn strategies to help Generation Y & Z adapt to the realities of employment, becoming effective employees.
  6. Motivating Generation Y & Z: “How do I start a fire when the wood looks wet?” Learning outcome: You will learn strategies and tips for getting Generation Y & Z excited about work and willingly working harder.


Download a copy of the brochure here.


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