Y Consulting offers solutions to the challenge of employing Generation Y in four key areas:



  • An marketing strategy that is simple, innovative and employee centred
  • An interviewing strategy that tests more than interviewing skills
  • An orientation process that makes an emotional connection



  • A relational culture where they are valued and treated in a personal way.
  • Flexibility with a sense of ownership and control over working conditions.
  • A collaborative approach in which they have the opportunity to shine.



  • Training in basic business practice and etiquette (don’t assume they know).
  • Clear instructions and expectations with appropriate boundaries and autonomy.
  • Relational mentoring with the goal of leadership development.



  • Regular and frequent feedback along with reward for outstanding work.
  • A willingness to consult them, taking their ideas and suggestions seriously.
  • A sense of purpose and challenge in relation to their role within the company


We can work with you through training or coaching to help you identify strategies that will work effectively in your business.